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LinkedIn Optimisation

LinkedIn profile optimisation ideas


LinkedIn Checklist

1.    Post a good picture – a headshot

2.    Headline (job title) – use as a sales message opportunity

3.    Background (top of the page)

4.    About (summary of current role)

5.    Contact information – including email and mobile

6.    Add or update all previous work experience, education, and employment

7.    Add five or more skills to your profile


1.    Review the LinkedIn functions list and choose three new ones, and you will try.

2.    Search to create a possible company.

3.    Choose one target company and research contacts to find a good person to approach.

4.    Send an InMail or invite to connect.

Some Ideas for using LinkedIn


2.    650m users and 30m companies cannot be wrong 

3.    The best free marketing tool ever. 

4.    But know your business objectives.

Making friends

1.    Upload your contact list from Outlook or add contact emails from people you know.

2.    Find a named person and invite them to connect with you

3.    Search for contacts by job title and location

4.    Saving the search and letting LinkedIn suggest others

5.    Find, research and follow a target company (prospect)

6.    Find multiple contacts within the company

7.    Extracting their email address and contact data

Messaging, posts, and articles

1.    What and how to send InMail’s

2.    Writing a post

3.    Sharing posts with comments

4.    Writing an article

5.    Sourcing content and images for articles and posts

6.    Make a video message or post

The right profile

1.    Picture, banner, and headline

2.    Summary, current position and uploads

3.    Career history, education, skills, endorsements, recommendations

Groups, events, pages, adverts, and jobs

1.    Join fifty groups

2.    Start a group

3.    Attend an event

4.    Create and promote your online event

5.    Page - showcase

6.    Advertise

Taken from the one-day training course: “Better Business Writing” by Graham Phelps.

And for one-to-one coaching:

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