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Onsite Training

Better Business Skills

One-day training course

Are your emails, documents and reports hitting the mark? 


Now, you can sharpen your writing skills with this expert-led training course. It is tailored for managers and professionals and developed over many years; it shows you how to write with more impact and in fewer words.

The day includes many hands-on exercises, and you will benefit from one-to-one feedback from your training colleagues.

Join us now to elevate your business writing. Impress your readers with every word using proven techniques and many advanced skills. Any UK location, up to 12 people per course. 

Key Points and Objectives:

  • Adopt the ABC of writing: Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.

  • Master the writing stages for concise, clear, and convincing documents.

  • Craft compelling communication with seven advanced writing techniques.

  • How to create effective one-page summaries of a report or proposal.

  • Embrace 'everyday English' to show competence and courtesy.

  • Avoid jargon and the passive voice for a more substantial impact.

  • Follow top email etiquette for professional exchanges.

  • Refine editing and proofreading to excel in the first draft.

  • Present data and figures in the best way to aid clarity and understanding.


Course Features:

  • Practical exercises to apply what you learn.

  • Discussions to share insights and experiences.

  • Personal feedback to hone your skills.

  • Expert trainer with a wealth of business and writing expertise.


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